Thursday, December 30, 2010

If You Were Here I Could . . . Deceive You?

Before it actually happened I spent quite a bit of time imagining my first kiss.  And I mean every possible detail preceding the kiss including the setting, my outfit, and the background music.  From time to time the song would shift with my musical tastes, but more often than not my optimal first kiss song was "If You Were Here" by Thompson Twins.  This had a lot to do with my Sixteen Candles fixation.  

Ten year old me was under the impression that it was a really sweet love song.  I thought the lyric was, "if you were here, I'd get to see you" which in hindsight would be a terrible lyric.  

I was wrong.  These are the lyrics:

If you were here
I could deceive you
And if you were here
You would believe
But would you suspect 
My emotion wandering
Do no want apart of this anymore

The rain water drips
Through a crack in the ceiling
And I'll have to spend
My time on repair
But just like the rain
I'll be always falling
Only to rise and fall again

As you can read the song is about someone who falls in and out of love.  Not romantic at all.  This really leaves me wondering about the conclusion that John Hughes was trying to draw at the end of Sixteen Candles.  Does this mean that Jake Ryan is feeling a little fickle about Sam?  Is he already thinking about getting back together with Carolyn? Nooooo!

It's strange, but I don't remember my first kiss.  Maybe this would have been a good song choice for me and my beau . . . whoever he was.  

P.S. Cary Brothers covered "If You Were Here" on the Who Are You album. I think his version is dandy.  


  1. Oh my GOD! Ben and CJ danced to this song at their wedding! Do you think they'll divorce?? ...and then remarry? ..and then divorce again..

  2. That's funny! You know, one of my coworkers attended a wedding once where the bride selected "Beauty and the Beast" as one of the songs for the ceremony. Do you think the groom was like, "Umm . . . what!?"