Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gucky by Gucci

Most advertisements are fairly ridiculous when analyzed, but very few ads are as ludicrous as fragrance commercials.  Since it's gift-giving time these commercials are saturating the airwaves and this year they seem sillier than ever before.  I don't think these two spots were intended to make me laugh, but that's what happened:

(Do you think Britney Spears Inc. learned that the name Destiny was already in use after this commercial filmed prompting Brit to say, "Y'all, we'll just call it Radiance! It means the same thing.") 

(I hope McConaughey cringes when he sees this, but I doubt that's the case.)

I came across tons more ridiculous ads on Youtube, but I know that I only have you for a limited time, and I wanna get this last thing in before you jump to another blog.  This Funny or Die sketch featuring James Franco poking fun at his own Gucci ad is so very refreshing.  Thanks for not taking yourself so seriously James.   I love you for that.  

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