Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cooking With Too Much F---ing Rosemary

A few months ago I was eating dinner at a formal restaurant.  To my left was a couple who appeared to be on a first date.  Their body language was stiff, they raced to fill uncomfortable silences with open ended questions, and every sub par joke was met with forced laughter.  

Then a curious thing happened.  Their food arrived and as they began to eat the woman who was minding her ps and qs just moments before remarked to her date, "this chef always uses so much f---ing rosemary."

Rosemary can be a delightful herb when used sparingly, but can completely ruin a meal if a chef is heavy handed with it. However, this post isn't really about cooking.  I've noticed something as of late.  I feel like as a society, linguistically, we're all using too much rosemary.  

I'll be the first to admit that I do it too.  In fact about a year ago my mother said, "sweetheart, I know that you're a grown woman and that I can no longer tell you what to do, but sometimes when we talk, your unnecessary cursing makes me cringe."

My husband and I watched Going the Distance last weekend.  It was absolutely terrible.  So terrible in fact that we were making fun of it no less than five minutes in.  One thing that definitely added to the terribleness was all the unnecessary cursing.  If a comedy is relying on arbitrary f-bombs to illicit laughter the movie is in trouble. This ubiquitous cursing went hand in hand with the fact that each of the characters (who were all between the ages of 25 - 35) seemed to have the emotional maturity of adolescents.  Which brings me to my next question.  Are we all cursing so much because in our youth obsessed culture so many people are suffering under the delusion that it's cool to perpetually behave like a teenager?

I really got into cursing during my high school years.  It made me feel rebellious and powerful to use four letter words, but much like my teenage smoking habit it was ridiculous and disgusting.  

So in addition to Breaking Up With The Kardashians, in 2011 I'm vowing to stop using so much f---ing rosemary in my speech.  

It tends to overpower the dish.  

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