Friday, December 31, 2010

Follower of the Year

Gentle readers,

On this the final day of 2010, it is my esteemed pleasure to present to you The Broadcast Energy Transmitter Follower of the Year:

I remember the day I logged in and noticed that I had my first follower as well as my very first comment.  It was you laurajane00.  These past few months you have provided me with encouragement as well as material (via your willingness to hangout with Anime celebs).  There were times when we both knew that a post was mediocre at best, but you were at the ready with a charming comment to make things seem a bit less lame.  

You already received your Follower of the Year award.  Judging from that text you sent me you mistook it for a Christmas gift.  I guess the red and white wrapping paper fooled you. Laurajane00 that elegant, white scarf is meant to symbolize your pure love and devotion to my blog.  I hope that you will wear it with pride.  Also, if anyone compliments you on the scarf I would encourage you to explain that you are the 2010 BET Follower of the Year.  

Brittany Havican, you were a very close second.  Unfortunately, my blinding jealousy regarding the success of your own blog undoubtedly effected my decision.  

Readers who are reading but not following: I hope this inspires you to join us.  Just think, you too could be the recipient of a scarf!  For those followers not receiving this coveted honor please keep in mind that this will be an annual award and through hard work and dedication this could be you next year.  

Y'all have a safe and happy New Year's Eve! And never forget that we are all The B.E.T.


  1. Well, 2010 will forever be remembered as a successful year, thanks to this huge accomplishment. I started out the year with resolutions like "be more productive, use my time wisely, exercise" and I failed somewhere around January. But, like most failures, something great resulted. Thanks to my poor productivity, terrible use of time, and lack of exercise, I managed to win the biggest honor of the year...the coveted WHITE SCARF award. My countless wasted hours spent sitting in front of a computer did not go unnoticed (both in the blog world and in my waistline) and I am humbled and grateful. Thanks BET!

  2. What?? I made a post on this, this morning! Geez, it must not of gone through. I had meant to say that I was ashamed that I didn't see this and reply earlier. You see, my most favorite time to read you blog is early morning with a cup of coffee hidden in one of the back clinic rooms in the dark before work starts. But it's been to busy for me to have my secluded mornings, and I see that I've missed out! It's ok, I'll take second place as a huge honor.

    Thank you

  3. Laura, I must inform you that I have received emails from not one but TWO family members complaining that they were not selected. I gently informed them that in order to be eligible they have to actually "follow" my blog. I'm not sure if they will break down and follow and actually give you some competition, but I just want you to realize how coveted this honor has become. Also, please make sure to keep The White Scarf spotless because it needs to be returned to me at the end of this year so I can mail it out to next year's recipient. Unless it's you again . . . which could very well happen. Keep those comments coming.

    Brittany, second place is a very big honor. Especially since the main reason you didn't win is because you have fifty followers to my nine and we started our blogs at the exact same time.

  4. I understand, though sad, I will try again for next year.

    PS- Where did Laura get that dress? I need it.