Friday, November 19, 2010

Worrying About Wikipedia

As you may have noticed it's that time of year again.  Jimmy Wales is asking us to donate to Wikipedia.  Hmmm . . .

I'm not sure if Wikipedia is in dire need of money or not, because the photos that accompany the appeal seem to range in desperation.  

Least Desperate Looking Photo of Jimmy Wales

Most Desperate Looking Photo of Jimmy Wales

I'm thankful for Wikipedia (as I've mentioned) but I mostly read it for entertainment purposes.  I would never use it as a source for a research paper or scholarly article.  Would anyone (who isn't an 8th grader)?

I began to wonder how Wikipedia operates with "no ads, agenda, or strings attached" and I came across an explanatory video.

Jimmy, if you want me to consider donating to Wikipedia you should probably delete this slide from your presentation:

"It isn't perfect, but much better than you would expect"? Really? Is that supposed to be a selling point? Can you imagine what Don Draper would do if you pitched "It's Pretty Good" as an advertising slogan?

He would slap you across the face.



    Apparently it works.

  2. Who knew a personal appeal could be so effective?!