Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stephen Hawkings's Personal Life: Kind of a Curious Mess

Every couple of weeks I become fascinated with a well-known person.  I spend copious amounts of time watching interviews or reading articles concerning whatever person is holding my interest at the moment.  Recently this person was Stephen Hawking.

I learned a lot about Hawking, and most of the information regarding his theories I flat out failed to comprehend.  Maybe this is why Professor Hawking's personal life became the focus of my err . . . research.  

Here's the part that I found most interesting:  Stephen Hawking's second wife, Elaine Mason, was originally David Mason's wife.  "Who is David Mason?" you might be wondering.  

David Mason is the designer of the first version of Hawking's talking computer.  You know, the thing that enables Hawking to speak?!

It seems Hawking would be eternally grateful to someone who so drastically improved his quality of life.  It seems this gratitude would translate into the occasional dinner invitation, birthday presents, and I don't know . . . STAYING AWAY FROM MASON'S WIFE.  

I might be more sympathetic if Hawking had not been married to his first wife (Jane) at the time of the affair.  I would also be more sympathetic if he hadn't told Jane that he planned to divorce her on their wedding anniversary.  

Isn't this all rather fascinating?  Maybe that's just because I can't begin to understand quantum cosmology.  

FYI: Stephen Hawking and Elaine Mason are now divorced.  

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