Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Universe Conspired To Build My Confidence

I just watched The Facebook Movie (I refuse to use it's actual title) and on the drive home I decided that I would review the movie for Friday's (tomorrow's) post.  I was a little nervous about sounding like a complete amateur since I've never reviewed a movie before, but the universe conspired to build my confidence. 

As I sat down at my computer to begin writing, I remembered that my phone was off.  I switched my phone on and saw that there was a text message from a very good friend of mine that read:

"U HAVE to call this number . . . 830-374-5568 . . . this is a movie theatre in a town near where I grew up. No one will answer, so don't worry. It's seriously the most hilarious thing u have ever heard! Every week it is funny, but this is the best yet. "

So I called the number (and yes this is the actual number if you would like to hear it for yourself).  It must be a really small theatre, in a really small town because the owner(?) not only gives you the showtimes for the one movie that's playing, he provides you with his own summary of the movie which is awesome.   

Check it out! And in case it's difficult for you to make out- he's summarizing the movie Easy A.  

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