Friday, October 15, 2010

Mad Men Mega Post

In anticipation of the season finale of Mad Men I decided to dedicate today's post to memorable Mad Men moments.  It was difficult, but I managed to select ten moments that (for me personally) are the most unforgettable.  If you have unwatched episodes on your DVR (or have never watched the show) you should probably avoid reading this post.  

10:  Peggy Smokes Pot

While it might not be her most shocking moment, this scene supplied one of my favorite quotes: "I'm Peggy Olsen. I want to smoke some marijuana."

9:  Freddy Pees His Pants

I could not find a photo of this anywhere!  What's the deal?  This moment stayed with me for two reasons: 1) a guy peed his pants at work and 2) the boys at Sterling Cooper usually make drinking and smoking throughout the work day look thoroughly sexy.  Freddy soaking his slacks definitely took the shine off.  

8:  Duck Seduces Peggy

Here's the thing: Duck grosses me out, and I was not excited about Peggy bedding down with him.  However, it was completely unexpected and provided yet another memorable quote.  

7:  Mrs. Blankenship Kicks The Bucket 

I think we all saw this one coming, but it was great nonetheless. Especially when Don said, "I'd have my secretary do it, but she's dead." 

6:  Joan Plays The Accordion 

Just when you thought Joanie could not be anymore charming, she busts out an accordion and sings for her dinner guests.  In French!

Number 5:  Roger Insults The Japanese

So we all knew Roger wasn't the most progressive of the bunch.

But wow! Sterling holds a grudge!  He somehow managed to reference Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Kamikazes in a span of three minutes.  

4:  Betty Slaps Helen Bishop

Despite appearances Betty is no ordinary housewife-

but this was a complete surprise, and really gave us a taste of Betty's emotional instability.  

3.  Pete and Trudy Dance the Charleston:

This moment is so incredibly Pete-tastic (thanks Matt Godsey!) that whenever I'm feeling down, I pull up this video of Pete and Trudy dancing to Ludacris' Money Maker and suddenly all is right with the world.  

2:  One Word- Tractor

1:  Don Holds Peggy's Hand 

"The Suitcase" is my favorite episode thus far, and this moment which was so beautifully subtle, is the reason why.  

What are your favorite moments?

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