Monday, August 8, 2011

Brilliantly Written.Terrifyingly True.

Rick Perry has been flirting with idea of a presidential run for the last few months months his entire life. While many of you might think it impossible to elect another Texan to the White House so soon after W. be careful not to underestimate Perry or our nation's tendency to swing in the polar opposite direction when something isn't working. What was that brilliant campaign slogan? 

Something about change . . . 

If you don't understand why folks are saying that Rick Perry is the "eight-hundred-pound guerrilla on the sidelines of this race" let Paul Burka explain it for you.

Oh and check out these political ads that he's run through the years. Don Draper couldn't have designed a more manipulative ad campaign. I have to hand it to Perry- thematically, he's damn consistent. 

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