Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh Curveball, You Little Rascal You!

I watched the Curveball interview on 60 Minutes this evening and as I suspected he seemed to fall somewhere between an opportunist and a nut.  Just in case you stopped caring, Curveball is the code name for the Iraqi defective who supplied the 'intelligence' which would become the Bush administration's justification for invading Iraq. 

For those of you who might be saying to yourself, "damn liberal media, this guy is a hero"not so fast. In response to public criticism an investigative committee (which was launched by Bush) released a report in March 2005 with some fairly damning conclusions about Curveball. His German intelligence handlers found him to be "crazy . . . out of control", a US physician working for the Department of Defense suspected he might be an alcoholic and (my personal favorite) his friends describe him as a "congenital liar." 

Yep, this guy was the crux of Colin Powell's argument to the United Nations for the invasion of Iraq. 

Why would someone do this? Former CIA agent Tyler Drumheller (who is the former chief of CIA covert operations in Europe) candidly stated that this was a guy who needed a German Green Card and was playing the system. 

So it looks like this was our equation for war:

(Dick Cheney + Halliburton)  x  (George Bush + a score to settle with Hussein) x (an Iraqi who needed a Green Card) = Invasion of Iraq. 

Totally reasonable. 

If you would like a more comprehensive view of the war in Iraq check out this very detailed timeline. 

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