Monday, March 21, 2011

Odd Dancer

Last week I went to Austin for SXSW to soak up as much free entertainment as possible. I could give you an overall description of what SXSW 2011 felt like, but this  Ann Powers person did a good job of summing it up. If you're looking for generalizations start there, because I'm about to get into some minutia. 

I saw some fairly outrageous acts, but nothing could have prepared me for the sideshow that I alone paid attention to in a sea of sweaty, drunk people during Odd Future's set at the Fader Fort. 

This performance that I am referring to was made possible by a dorky white dude in his early twenties and an attractive young lady around the same age. It was apparent that they were dating, but judging from their rapport and body language I'm fairly certain is was a new thing- three to four weeks tops. I could tell from the look of absolute horror that spread across her face about two songs into Odd Future's set that she had never attended a hip hop concert with her new beau, and was taking in his awkward, yet very aggressive freak-nasty dance moves for the very first time. I could not take my eyes off of them.

At first she pretended like he was kidding and playfully pushed him away, but when he began ferociously grinding the side of her leg, she could no longer deny that he was serious. So she scooted over a bit and tried to do her own thing which only seemed to entice him. By the end she was squirming in his arms while he desperately tried to channel [insert culturally relevant hip hop artist of your choice here] and keep the beat. This involved a lot of what's-up-head-nods to imaginary friends and the occasional licking of his lips while attempting to stare into the eyes of his 'boo' as she scanned the audience, probably praying to God that she wouldn't see anyone she knew. 

I'm thinking this duo broke up immediately after exiting the Fader Fort, but I will be forever grateful for the spectacular entertainment they provided me while Tyler the Creator rapped about . . . well, who knows. 

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