Monday, January 10, 2011

Ultimate Gloom

I had the day off, but the weather was so nasty that I gave into the gloom.  It reminded me of Artex being consumed by The Swamp of Sadness in The NeverEnding Story.  

I feel like every once in awhile it's okay to give yourself permission to embrace a melancholy or pensive state of mind.  So today I did not run errands or lunch with friends.  Nope.  I remained in my pajamas while taking down Christmas decorations and watched Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe.  

I think that might be the most dismal sentence I've ever written.  


  1. LOL, you are cracking me up. Excellent movie choices.

    PS- I always cried when Artex died.

  2. I question the humanity of anyone who didn't. "Aaaarteeeex!"