Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Eve Gift

Here's a weird tradition that you may or may not want to add to your Christmas repertoire.  For generations my family has played this bizarre game we call "Christmas Eve Gift."  The concept is simple: be the first person to say, "Christmas Eve Gift!"on Christmas Eve and then whoever you say that to has to buy a present for you on Christmas Eve, even if they have already purchased a gift for you.  It's maddening, but also very fun.  

My family is really competitive.  Distant cousins call in the wee hours of the morning only to be disappointed by a groggily gurgled yet instinctively automatic, "Christmas Eve Gift," on the other end.  My grandfather once rang our doorbell and then hid behind some shrubbery in order to gain the element of surprise.  I think he was seventy-five at the time.  

I know it's a little late to be explaining this, but I was so happy to receive one of my Christmas Eve Gift gifts in the mail today and I just had to share.  I told my friend Kellie about Christmas Eve Gift a few years ago so we began playing, and now she plays with her family too.  I got her this year and she gave me a really fun gift- Everything Balm!  

So next year if you're looking for a way to incorporate some competitive action into a time of peace and joy, tell your friends and family about Christmas Eve Gift! And remember, text messages count but are frowned upon.  


  1. We have the same tradition...but without the buying gifts part. I wonder if it's a southern thing? I wish I knew you participated in this. It's on next year.

  2. No gifts you say? Leave it to the Blakes to take things to extremes I guess. I must warn you that since I've been playing my entire life with actual stakes that it will be nearly impossible for you to beat me.

  3. That's so funny because I almost said "leave it to the crazy BET to take competition to the next level."