Thursday, January 6, 2011

From Peer To Peon

A few months ago, while working out at my gym, I was approached by a very friendly gentleman.  He casually struck up a conversation with me and asked me all sorts of questions about myself.  We probably talked for fifteen minutes.  He seemed really nice.  Then he told me his name (which I immediately recognized because he is a rather well known local politician) and explained to me that he was up for re-election, and asked if I would like a campaign t-shirt.  I never turn down a free t-shirt so I agreed.  He thought the shirts were in his car (he actually went out to the parking lot and looked), but turns out they were in his office.  I smiled and said “oh well, it was nice talking to you.”  He repeated his name and told me to remember to vote.  
Fast-forward to yesterday. I was working on my shoulders and saw him coming towards me in the mirror. Mind you I have not seen this cat since our introduction. As he approached me I smiled and started to say “congratulations” but he interrupted with, “hey can I jump on this machine real quick before I head out.”  I was so taken aback (who cuts someone off when they’ve been on a machine for two minutes . . . or AT ALL!?) that I just said, “um, sure” and hopped off and headed to another machine.  
I tried to come up with a logical explanation why someone would force you off the equipment.  This is Spectrum- we aren’t using prison rules. Surely there must be some sort of emergency . . . that is forcing him to force me off the machine . . . so he can get in one last rep . . . before he speeds off . . . to throw on a cape . . . and . . . fight crime?
No, no, no. There is no plausible reason that he would need immediate access to that equipment.  As I continued working out I noticed that he actually did not “head out” after “jumping on the machine real quick.” No- he moved on to the next machine, and the next machine, and the next machine.  
This wouldn’t have bothered me so much if he had not behaved like a perfectly civilized, decent individual during election time only to treat me like a peon now that he’s safely in office.

I do not think I can stand for it.  
I’ve already begun to contemplate how I should handle our next encounter.  I’m thinking about asking him to vacate a machine so that I can use it . . . 
I’ll let you know how it goes.  


  1. Reason 9,393,344 that you're a nicer person than me. My initial thought was "what is the swiftest way to derail his political career?"

  2. I agree with Lauren. I think you should put your blogging skills to work and start and impeach-__(insert politician's name)___ website.

  3. I Googled his name and the first thing that came up had the words corrupt and bastard in the title so feel like someone's already on it.