Monday, May 9, 2011

Hot Topics

Last Friday my husband and I went out with a few of his coworkers.  The two of us headed home around 11:00 but the remainder of the group went out for tacos. One of said husband's coworkers is a very attractive woman in her late forties. Apparently she caught the attention of a young busboy and he introduced himself and stated in no uncertain terms that he was interested. Being that he was much younger, and not really her type, she warded him off as best she could. She then made the unfortunate mistake of heading to the ladies room which gave her coworkers ample time to slip the busboy her email address. 

She received the following email the very next morning. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

Hello again how are you? you remember me yesterday I met you in the salsas restaurant and just want to know you more I don´t know how you atract my attention you are a beautifull lady sorry for by more direct but please understand me I´m mature too no matter if you are more oldest than me, yesterday something happend when a see you is for me extremely hard because i always give attention to any girls more youngs in the restaurant but you look so different you beloved me with your dressing, I want to know you more and whatever you need please count with my presence as friend, lover or anything you wish.

When is your day off? because I want invite you to see a movie theater maybe you don´t recognize my because I´m look very different like yesterday in the restaurant, cause I appear more young well you will see with your own eyes.

I wish talk to you about hot topics sorry by me behavior but I´m alone here and I think so you can be my teacher not only for the experience about everything jejeje ok

I will wathing for your answer ok see you soon baby. Ciao!!!


Sorry for my grammar in english.


  1. Precious. I would keep that forever.

  2. I'm dying...I'm just dying. That is sweet..and creepy..and hilarious. Thanks for the laugh Ann!