Monday, February 28, 2011

Covert Hostility

Why does the U.S. always seem to have some character that we're socially stoning? Does this happen in other countries? Do they do this sort of thing in other parts of the world or are they content to watch our little melodramas unfold and roll their eyes?

I am so tired of this routine: a well known human being makes a mistake that has very little impact on the rest of us and everyone starts weighing in, masking their judgement with "concern." Ugh. 

And don't attempt to go against the grain- you will be judged too! I remember last year I told several people that I thought we all needed to lay off Tiger Woods. You would have thought I suggested bringing back ritual child sacrifice. 

Maybe I'm crazy, but when I watch this interview it's the interviewer that annoys me, not Charlie. She's so condescending, and he's not having it! "You're proud of that party moment?" Come off it lady! Haven't you ever been proud of a party moment? We've all done crazy things and most of us relish retelling those stories to our closest friends. I'm not saying I would like to talk about stuff like that on Good Morning America, but I'm also not being asked to, thank goodness. 

My brother and I were discussing this social stoning phenomenon tonight and he used the words "covert hostility." Take notice during all this Charlie Sheen coverage- everyone is covertly hostile. It's so bizarre. All the commentators are saying stuff like "I hope he gets help before it's too late" but I get the sense that they don't mean that at all. It's like they want something tragic to occur. 

Well, I'm going to say it: I like Charlie Sheen and I mean it. He seems fun. I'm not sure I would want to spend an entire evening with him, mainly because I don't think I could keep up, but I bet he could really liven up a happy hour. You know he has some craaazy stories that would keep everyone in stitches! 

Keep winning Charlie! 

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