Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chumming for Sharks

Chumming is the practice of luring animals (usually fish) by tossing chum into the water. Chum usually consists of fish entrails and blood. This will attract large fish, particularly sharks, due to their keen sense of smell. Chumming can sometimes create a feeding frenzy. 

In ecology, a feeding frenzy is a situation where over saturation of a supply of food leads to rapid feeding by predatory animals. 

Rolling Stone knew what they were doing with the Justin Bieber article. They were chumming. And the sharks smelled blood in the water . . .

I'm sure Joy Behar's little tirade helped Rolling Stone sell a few more copies of their magazine. Unfortunately the rest of us are all trapped in the nonsense that is the 'aftershock' of Bieber's pro-life stance. 

Meanwhile an adolescent Bieber is probably vowing never to assert his opinion again. Poor chum! 

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