Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sorry Blogosphere, This One Is For Me

I try to keep 'my audience' in mind when writing this blog, but sometimes I can't help but allow myself to be selfish. More often than not, I try to come up with entries that are relatable, but tonight is about a digital account of a memory I shared with two people that I love very much. Forgive me if this post seems a little cryptic. 

Thank you so much for exceeding my expectations of friendship almost every day by continuously connecting with me in the silliest ways imaginable and providing me a second home where I knew I was not only welcome, but wanted. I will miss you both so very much. 

Good night Aussies
Good night Marie Antoinette

Ankies/Anne Boleyn

P.S. One final thought that maybe everyone can relate to- is there anything more embarrassing than being absolutely serious? 


  1. AW girl, you forgot Zackies in there!

    PS- So sorry about the late reply. This was so nice to wake up and read this morning.

    Much love